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21/03/2018 20:08

Events Programme 2018

A List of events planned for 2018 can be viewed in the Programme attachment in the Blog. Thanks
21/03/2018 20:07

2018 Events Programme

Events for 2018 can be seen in attached programme in the Blog
21/03/2018 19:58

Correction and Update CARG Programme 2018

Hi All I've received some corrections and updates and latest programme can be viewed here! Please note changes and get in touch with project leaders, Erik or me to get involved. Proposed Projects and Events UPDATE 21_03_18.docx (27926) Best wishes Brian
16/03/2018 20:22

CARG Programme 2018

Hi All Members, Volunteers and Visitors to the site Following on from the AGM and correspondence, the CARG 2018 Programme of Volunteering, Training and Surveying has been agreed. There are a fantastic number of opportunitie to become involved via various partner bodies and friends. The locally...
24/02/2018 20:50


A short update following the 2018 AGM.   The February meeting witnessed attendance by members new and old and all were welcomed to the AGM in Glasgow. A few minor changes following the AGM, sees Lauren step down from her role and the group would like to thank Lauren for her efforts throughout...
22/02/2018 19:00

CARG Spring 2018 AGM

Spring AGM meeting at the networkk rail offices in Glasgow - contact secretary Erik Paterson to register interest in attending.
04/02/2018 14:20

CARG 2018 AGM and Action

Hi to All Members, Supporters and New Visitors Every Autumn and February, a recurring theme is the lack of individuals records being shared. I'm very guilty of lagging behind and during November 2017 one of the actions mentioned was for all of us to prepare records for sharing this month. With a...
09/11/2017 19:00

Minutes of the Autumn 2017 meeting

CARG_Autumn_17_Minutes.pdf (621596)
23/02/2017 21:00

Minutes of the Spring 2017 meeting

CARG_Spring_17_Minutes.pdf (578003)
10/11/2016 21:00

Minutes of the Autumn 2016 meeting

CARG_Autumn_16_Minutes.pdf (682204)

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