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24/02/2018 20:50


A short update following the 2018 AGM.   The February meeting witnessed attendance by members new and old and all were welcomed to the AGM in Glasgow. A few minor changes following the AGM, sees Lauren and Salma step down from their roles and the group would like to thank them for their...
04/02/2018 14:20

CARG 2018 AGM and Action

Hi to All Members, Supporters and New Visitors Every Autumn and February, a recurring theme is the lack of individuals records being shared. I'm very guilty of lagging behind and during November 2017 one of the actions mentioned was for all of us to prepare records for sharing this month. With a...
21/02/2016 16:23

Changes to Co-Ordinating Panel

After our AGM we have had a few changes to the co-ordinating panel of the group. John Sweeney, Maggie Fergusson, and Ewan Kane have stepped down from their roles as chair, treasurer, and membership secretary respectively. We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank to all three for...
10/04/2015 13:03

Amphibians in Drains Project Underway

On the evening of the 8th April, three volunteers with the group visited the area close to Baggie Minnie pond in Carmyle (SE Glasgow) as part of the group’s Amphibians in Drains (AiD) project. Volunteers checking a drain full of newts. Last year we checked the drains in the closest streets to the...
16/02/2015 15:20

Clyde ARG Volunteering and Training Opportunities; 2015

The Clyde Amphibian and Reptile Group is involved with a number of volunteer projects during the 2015 season.  We are seeking volunteers to help us undertake survey work throughout the Clyde catchment area. Please see below a list of projects and details on how to get involved.  Full...
07/02/2015 16:07

Amphibians in Drains: Update January 2015

John Sweeney During January-March 2014, CARG members checked a number of sites where there was thought to be potential for significant numbers of amphibians to be killed by falling down drains encountered while moving from their hibernation sites to their spawning sites.  The sites checked...
17/01/2015 09:39

Volunteer Activities 2015

We are currently in the process of planning our volunteer activities for the 2015 season and we are loking to hear from our volunteers and interested parties what they would like to be involved with this season. Please get in touch with Erik Paterson, group secretary via the information on the left...
06/07/2014 09:53

The Scottish Naturalist & The Western Naturalist – free online access

Over the years the Scottish Naturalist and the Western Naturalist have published a great many important papers, as well as notes and obituaries documenting the history and development of Scottish natural history. Latterly in particular, the journals had limited circulation and access has been...
17/05/2014 14:14

Sand Lizards Hanging On

It may be suroprising to learn that the Sand lizard Lacerta agilis, native to some coatal areas in southern Britain and the Merseyside coast, also  occurs in Scotland.  In 1970, 39 lizards were introduced to a Hebridean island as part of an...
10/05/2014 13:25

Early Spring Reptile Action at Loch Lomond

CARG member, Chris McInerny continues to monitor reptile populations at various sites within the  Loch Lomond National Park, especially in an area where it was feared that a hydroelectric scheme under construction, might have a detrimental effect .   So far this spring, many reptiles of...

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