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24/05/2012 19:00

More on the Chytrid Survey

The reults as they say..... are in and verified.  Following the re-testing of some samples which gave puzzling results, it has been conformed that none of the amphibians wsabbed by CARG members last spring have tested positive for Chytrid.  Freya Smith who organised the 2011 National...
06/04/2012 20:00

Toads Doon Stanks

Like many people up and down the UK a group of volunteers including myself have taken to removing toads from roads during our free evenings this migration season, however we were in for a bit of a surprise this year. The Lindsayfield toad crossing in East Kilbride is a fairly urban crossing. It's...
31/03/2012 20:07

Kirkintilloch Toad Crossing - Still Active

CARG members have been helping out with the Toad Patrols at this site over the past 2 weeks.  The site has been busy with up to 200 toads per night and a smaller number of frogs helped safely across the road.  The migration seems to be tailing off a little now with 57 toads moved on the...
22/03/2012 18:00

CARG Reptile Surveys - First Visit March 22nd

All three local reptile species were recorded on this first visit to an excellent mixed open wodland/marshy grassland site near Loch Lomond, during perfect weather condtions for recording basking reptiles. This big female adder was perhaps the most impressive of the eight seen during the...
11/03/2012 16:43

Common Lizards out of Hibernation: March 11th

On 11th March, three commopn lizards werre seen by CARG members Chris McInerny andf John Sweeney at a site near Loch Lomond during a visit to set up a reptile survey route.  This is quite an early date for this speciers to be emerging from hibernation in Scotland but is...
03/03/2012 14:00

Toads on Roads: Help Needed at Kirkintilloch

Assistance is urgently sought by local volunteer Andrew Lenihan, to help transport migrating toads across the busy Market Road in Kirkintilloch.  Each spring hundreds of toads attempt to cross this road while moving between their hibernation sites and their breeding ponds and, each year,...
01/03/2012 13:38

Hibernation over for Amphibians

CARG has just recieved the first few reports of frogs spawning: near Helensburgh around 20th February and at Cashel Forest (nr Balmaha) on 26th February (although lais some days previously).  We have also heard (1st March) of newts, probably Palmate, emerging from a hibernation site ...
27/02/2012 08:46

Good News: Balgray Reservoir toads have No Chytrid

Freya Smith, the PhD student who organised last year's national survey for Chytrid disease, tells CARG that none of the 30 Toads from which swab samples were taken at Balgray Reservoir in April last year, has tested positive for the disease. Not such good news for this population is that the...
10/02/2012 00:00

Toads on Roads: Help needed in East Kilbride

CARG member Erik Paterson is looking for help to move migrating toads safely across Lindsayfield Road in East Kilbride.  Erik has supplied the following information on this local blackspot for toad being hit by cars.  Please email Erik directly if you can give up an...
01/02/2012 12:37

Chytrid Testing Results

During spring 2011, several CARG members were busy obtaining swab samples from amphibians to send off for Chytridiomycosis testing as part of the 2011 National Chytrid Survey.    A total of 142 animals were swabbed among five sites, including common toad, palmate newt, smooth...

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