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Clyde ARG Volunteering and Training Opportunities; 2015

16/02/2015 15:20

The Clyde Amphibian and Reptile Group is involved with a number of volunteer projects during the 2015 season.  We are seeking volunteers to help us undertake survey work throughout the Clyde catchment area.

Please see below a list of projects and details on how to get involved.  Full training will be provided where necessary; whether you’re coming along because you like herps or you’re looking to build up your CV/CPD, get in touch today.

1.       Amphibians in Drains Project
Clyde ARG chairman John Sweeney will once again be repeating his Amphibians in Drains project during 2015; a total of five problem and potentially problematic sites have been identified.  Volunteers are required during the evenings in March through May to check kerbside drains near amphibian breeding ponds for the presence of amphibians.
Training; hi visibility gear and torches will be provided.
If interested, contact John Sweeney on


2.       East Kilbride Amphibian Census
The East Kilbride amphibian census is an annual survey of between 20 and 30 ponds in the South Lanarkshire town of East Kilbride run by CARG secretary Erik Paterson.  During 2015, volunteers are sought from late March through May to assist with night-time (20:00-00:00 approx.) newt surveys in the town.  Torchlight surveys, egg-searching, netting; and bottle trapping will be used this season.  Palmate newts, smooth newts, common toads; and common frogs are all present in the town.  On-the-job training will be provided.
If interested, contact Erik Paterson on


3.       Glasgow frog Spawn Count
The Glasgow frog spawn count has been going for a few years now, originally surveyed by Froglife, Clyde ARG helped take over monitoring of ponds throughout the Glasgow City Council area with Dave Garner during 2014.  The survey is to continue again in 2015 with volunteers sought to visit parks and nature reserves in Glasgow in late February through mid-March to identify areas with frog spawn, measure the area of frog spawn and send these results to GCC.
If interested, contact Erik Paterson on or Dave Garner on


4.       Whitelee Reptile Survey Training
Rennie Mason from Whitelee Ranger Service and Erik Paterson from CARG propose a reptile survey training event at Whitelee Wind Farm; viviparous lizard are known to be widespread on site and adders are somewhat more elusive.  Dates and times TBC if there is enough interest, if you wish to register interest in this event, contact Erik on


5.       Caledonian Conservation Ltd. Great Crested Newt Survey Training
Chris Cathrine from Caledonian Conservation Ltd and Central ARG is offering a GCN survey training event at NTS Culross & he Pineapple on the 25th & 26th of April 2015, participants will be introduced to the ecology of great crested newts and their survey methodology including bottle trapping.
The event will cost £45.00 and interested parties should contact Chris directly on

We hope that there is something that takes your interest in the above and that we’ll see you out and about during 2015!  If there’s anything you’re interested in getting involved with but don’t see it above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via email or on facebook.

Feel free to share this with anyone whom you think might be interested!

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