Clyde Amphibian and Reptile Group

Common Lizards out of Hibernation: March 11th

11/03/2012 16:43

On 11th March, three commopn lizards werre seen by CARG members Chris McInerny andf John Sweeney at a site near Loch Lomond during a visit to set up a reptile survey route.  This is quite an early date for this speciers to be emerging from hibernation in Scotland but is perhaps not surprising given the very mild weathetr over the past few weeks.  There were no adders seen however, despite there being a very good population at Cashel, so this species does not seem to have emerged just yet. 

Surveys will be undrtaken at this site (which holds all three native Scottish reptile species) theroughout April and early May.  There may be opportunities for CARG members to participiate - so watch the website for announcements.

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