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Early Spring Reptile Action at Loch Lomond

10/05/2014 13:25

CARG member, Chris McInerny continues to monitor reptile populations at various sites within the  Loch Lomond National Park, especially in an area where it was feared that a hydroelectric scheme under construction, might have a detrimental effect .  

So far this spring, many reptiles of all three species have been seen at this site.  Adders, slow-worms and common lizards have been observed including some individuals from previous years, recognised through their distinctive head and body patterns. While Chris has been able to recognise individual adders and slow-worms in this way for a while, he has now been able to identify a lizard liken this for the first time.  He had his first adder out of hibernation on February 16, with common lizards on March 2, and slow-worms on March 16.  All three species were seen basking throughout March with adder mating activity noted during April. 

Already, this spring, Chris has hosted a number of visitors to these sites  with everyone seeing and enjoying these wonderful creatures.

All images below copyright of C. McInerny.

Photo Gallery: Early Spring Reptile Action at Loch Lomond

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