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Good News: Balgray Reservoir toads have No Chytrid

27/02/2012 08:46

Freya Smith, the PhD student who organised last year's national survey for Chytrid disease, tells CARG that none of the 30 Toads from which swab samples were taken at Balgray Reservoir in April last year, has tested positive for the disease. Not such good news for this population is that the reservoir is currently half-empty just as spawning is about to start. It is unclear to what extent breeding will be affected but there is no aquatic vegetation within the water that is left plenty of predatory fish with little to eat!

CARG members obtained swabs for testing from a total of 142 amphibians of four species, among five sites during spring 2011.  More results will be announced here as they come in.

John Sweeney


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