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Toads on Roads: Help needed in East Kilbride

10/02/2012 00:00

CARG member Erik Paterson is looking for help to move migrating toads safely across Lindsayfield Road in East Kilbride.  Erik has supplied the following information on this local blackspot for toad being hit by cars.  Please email Erik directly if you can give up an hour or two in the evening at some point over the next few weeks.  You can find an article written by Erik to publicise the problem, published last year in the East Kilbride News,  here -ToadsOnRoadsArticle.jpg (756,6 kB)

 Location: Lindsayfield Road, East Kilbride.

Activity: Not a particularly busy site for toads or road traffic.

Main Contact: Erik Paterson,

Patrol: Whatever can be managed.  I tend to go between 7:30 and 9pm.

How to get there: If driving, continue directly down Lindsayfield road and stop between the second last & last roundabout, the toads come in to contact with roads throughout the access roads to the new housing development en route to the S.U.D.S. pond.  The First bus to Lindsayfield (route 21) has it's terminus within walking distance of the site - the 21 also goes to Gardenhall - make sure to get the one going to Lindsayfield.

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