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More on the Chytrid Survey

24/05/2012 19:00

The reults as they say..... are in and verified.  Following the re-testing of some samples which gave puzzling results, it has been conformed that none of the amphibians wsabbed by CARG members last spring have tested positive for Chytrid. 

Freya Smith who organised the 2011 National Chytrid Survey has commented,  "Scotland is looking pretty good at the moment. We know that infection is present at a site in Dumfriesshire, or at least it was present, in 2008. But none of the 16 Scottish sites surveyed in 2011 returned any positive samples.

There are still a few infected sites scattered across England and Wales, but the picture looks pretty stable relative to 2008. Good news."

There will be a full report in due course and we will add a link to it when it becomes available.

John Sweeney

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