Clyde Amphibian and Reptile Group

Glasgow Big Spawn Count

Work is underway to resurvey ponds for frog populations at of a number of key amphibian breeding sites in Glasgow. In total around 100 breeding ponds will be searched and numbers of breeding pairs of frogs estimated at each pond by counting the number of frog spawn clumps and/or spawn mat areas.


The survey is being co-ordinated by CARG in conjunction with Glasgow City Council and other volunteer groups in the city including Froglife and the recently formed Seven Lochs Wetland Park Volunteers.

Image courtesy Glasgow City Council.

Dave Garner (Glasgow City Council Natural Environment Officer) said that "this is great news for the continuity of recording of Glasgow’s frog population and ensures that Glasgow can continue to monitor the success of recently created ponds, as well as management of established ponds, for amphibians."


If you are interested in becoming involved with the Glasgow Big Spawn Count, please contact Erik Paterson ( or David Garner ( for a survey pack.


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