Clyde Amphibian and Reptile Group

Rarer and Alien species

Only four land reptiles are native (naturally occuring) to Scotland. These include the Adder and the Grass Snake, the Slow-worm, which is a legless lizard, and the Common Lizard. Smooth Snakes and Sand Lizards found elsewhere in the UK are absent, and Grass Snakes are rarely reported.

Grass Snake - Natrix natrix >>>

Smooth snake - Coronella austriaca >>> 

Sand Lizard - Lacerta agilis >>>


Non-native species:

Alien species are those moved by humans to areas outside of their native ranges. Once transported in this manner, they become removed from the predators, parasites, and diseases that kept them in balance in their native environments. As a result of losing these controls, they often become pests in the areas into which they are introduced. This is the case of the Red-eared Terrapin recorded in our area and considered as a 'potential problem' species.

Red-eared Terrapin - Trechemys scripta elegans >>>

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